Become a Private Tutor

To become a private tutor, you must have served as an individual class or recitation class instructor of a mathematics course at OSU or be a current/graduated MSLC tutor. 

Please refer to Math department course page for course descriptions. 

The application must be updated yearly to remain active.

Please note: Private tutors who are also math department instructors may not serve as a private tutor to students enrolled in courses they are currently teaching.  This included students enrolled in other sections of the same course.  In addition, when engaging in private tutoring, tutors may not use MSLC space for their private tutoring or solicit students for private tutoring while in the MSLC tutor rooms. 

If you are an international student, please check your visa work restrictions to ensure you can work as a private tutor.

Apply Online: If you are ready to apply, please complete and submit the application.  Once you have submitted your application, please email to let us know you have applied.