Math 1149: Trigonometry


The MSLC offers online drop-in tutoring and online 30-minute weekly recurring appointments for this course.  In addition, we offer Study Group Tutoring for exams.


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Drop in: When you're working on your homework and get stuck on a couple problems.  Drop-in to our online zoom tutoring to work with a tutor who can help steer you in the right direction.  Our tutors focus not only on helping you solve the problem at hand, but also work with you to build your understanding and knowledge to prepare you for exams. (More info, Hours, & Instructions)


Recurring appointments: When you need more assistance than you're able to receive in drop-in tutoring.  For example, students who find they regularly need help on more than half the homework problems. (More info & Scheduling instructions)


Study Group For Exams: As a supplement to your other exam preparations. Study Group Tutoring occurs the day of or prior to an exam and is designed to provide students with an opportunity to study with their peers. Students work together in groups of 3-5 on a review sheet. Each tutor will work on 3 groups and hops around the group to facilitate group work and assist when a group is stuck.(More info & Scheduling instructions)






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Online Workshops

Trigonometric Identities Online Workshop

Graphing Sine and Cosine Equations Online Workshop

Solving Trigonometric Equations Online Workshop

Inverse Trigonometric Functions Online Workshop

Law of Sines & Law of Cosines Online Workshop

Upcoming Workshops

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