Math 1149: Trigonometry

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For students enrolled in this course during Summer 2020, the MSLC is offering two free online tutoring services: drop-in tutoring online via Zoom and tutoring via email.  Zoom tutoring is held Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6pm-8pm, May 18th-July 27th.  We will be closed Monday, May 25th for Memorial Day.  Emailed questions will only be responded to during our Zoom tutoring hours.


Please read our How it Works and Technology Instructions before attending Zoom tutoring or emailing. When you're ready, we're here to help!

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How Zoom Tutoring Works:

For our online tutoring, we recommend you have questions when you arrive.  They can be specific questions about where you've gotten stuck, have uncertainty in your method, or are not sure how to start.  You can also ask big picture questions regarding topics you're confused about.  However, please note that we cannot check all of your homework problems or teach you the course.  In addition, we must be careful not to solve problems for you.  Not only is that academic misconduct but it doesn't help you learn!  To help you succeed, we will provide hints, ask questions to help you think about the mathematics in different ways, and assist you in making realizations on your own.  Ultimately we want you to be doing as much of the mathematics as possible so you can succeed independently on your quizzes and exams.


To get the most out of online tutoring, we recommend you have a method of writing on your screen as typing mathematics can be difficult.  Next best would be sharing pictures, either by uploading pictures or by holding your paper in front of your video camera.  Being able to communicate via audio is also extremely beneficial.  However, if typing in the text box or calling is your only option, we still welcome you!


To enter the Zoom tutor room, you will need to be logged into your OSU account.  If you are having difficulties accessing Zoom during our open hours, first consult the technology instructions below.  If you're still having difficulties, email or contact the IT Service Desk (, or call 614-688-4357 (HELP))


Technology instructions for Zoom



How E-mail Tutoring Works:

First and foremost we recommend our Zoom Tutoring.  However, if Zoom is not a possibility, we can respond to emailed questions.


We will only respond to questions from an OSU email address.  Include your course number (ex. Math XXXX) in the subject.  Include a picture or screenshot of the original homework problem as well as any work you have so far.  Try to be as specific as possible regarding where you need help.  If you're having trouble starting a problem, tell us what you're initial thoughts are when you see the problem.  Please note, we will not provide worked out solutions.  You will receive feedback and hints on how to progress but we cannot show you how to do the problem.


We only respond to emails Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6pm-8pm.  If you check your email during that time, you may be able to engage in some back and forth dialog with the tutor. 







 MSLC also has additional online resources listed below for your course.

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OSU Math Dept 1149 Course Page

Online Workshops

Trigonometric Identities Online Workshop

Graphing Sine and Cosine Equations Online Workshop

Solving Trigonometric Equations Online Workshop

Inverse Trigonometric Functions Online Workshop

Law of Sines & Law of Cosines Online Workshop


Exam Reviews: Note these exam reviews are from the Spring 2015 semester.  The sections on summer exams may cut off differently than what is represented on these reviews.


Exams Reviews will be available for this course.  Exam Reviews will consist of two documents.  The first will give all the problems.  The second document will give full, narrated and explained solutions to all the exam review problems.   Narrated solutions will be viewable on any device which can read pdf files, but audio will only be playable on computers (not tablets or phones).  Narrated solutions will be available at least 3 days before a given exam.

Note: Only Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers will support accessing the exam reviews from an OSU campus computer lab.  You MUST open the file in Adobe Reader and not another pdf viewer!


Upcoming Workshops

Please check back for future workshops!