Tutor Room Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an 'A' student. How can I benefit from math tutoring?

Even 'A' students sometimes have questions while working on their homework. Make the most efficient use of your time and study in the MSLC where tutors can answer your questions and you can work with coursemates.

What do the tutor rooms look like?

Mathematics and Statstics Learning Center tutor rooms are located in Cockins Hall (CH) and the Mathematics Building (MA). Each course has a specific tutor room.

Who goes to the tutor rooms?

Students come to the MSLC looking for free tutoring, study rooms, and a place to meet their friends to work on their math. Most importantly they are all working on the same assignments you are, since they are all in the same course.

What happens in the tutor rooms?

When students come into the room, we ask them to sign-in to the TutorTrac computer. The TutorTrac computers are usually on a table by the door of the room. After sign-in, just find a seat, get out your stuff, and go to work. When you have a question, raise your hand and a tutor will come to you when they are available. Or, ask your neighbor if they would like to work with you.

Why use TutorTrac?

TutorTrac allows us to track student usage of our services. This allows us to justify our existence and keep our services free for you to use. It also allows us to make the most of our resources during peak times and on peak days. Simply sign-in using your OSU lastname.# and choose your course.

What is expected of me when I go to the tutor room?

You are expected to:

  • Try the problems before you ask for help

  • Have questions in mind

  • Work on problems while you wait for a tutor

  • Talk with and help other students who are also waiting

  • Give us feedback

  • Treat us with respect

What can I expect of the tutors when I go to the tutor room?

The tutors will:

  • Be helpful

  • Work with you for one or two problems at a time, and then move on

  • Provide feedback

  • Help you learn

  • Treat you with respect

  • Won't make you feel silly

  • Won't do the problems for you

  • Won't substitute for your lecture or recitation

What are tutor rooms like on exam days?

The number of tutors on exam days will likely be no different than any other day but the number of students is usually greater. If you need help, try to get to tutor room often during the term and not wait to the last minute. If you started studying early, you won't need to join the frantic rush of procrastinators on exam day.