Calculator Handouts

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Graphing Calculator Basics:

This handout will go over the basics of using the TI-84, from turning it on and off to graphing polynomials. This will include finding good windows, roots, maximums/minimums, and intersections. (Great for people who have had limited exposure to graphing calculators; course content is geared toward students in Math1075 through 1150.)

Graphing Calculator Handout


Graphing Calculator: Exponential & Logarithm Handout:

This handout focuses on exponentials and logarithms, from calculating to graphing. Example word problems will apply your math and graphing skills towards finding a good window and interpreting these kinds of functions. Includes evaluating and graphing basic trigonometric functions. For students in Math 1148 & 1150 with most features helpful for Math 1130 students.

Exponential and Logarithm Handout


Graphing Calculator: Trigonometric & Polar Graphs

This handout features more in-depth work with trigonometric graphs. Then moves on to polar coordinates, graphing polar equations, and finally complex numbers. Your calculator can quickly and easily do these conversions, and it's a great tool for checking answers! (Content applicable to Math 1149, 1150, and 1152 students)

Trigonometric and Polar Graphs