Engineering Math A Online Lessons (Math 1172)

The MSLC has created these online lessons to help you with important topics in your course.  Click on the links below to see the lesson.

A Review of Integration

Areas Between Curves

Accumulated Cross Sections

Disk and Washer Method

Shell Method

Length of Curves

Physical Applications

Integration By Parts

Trig Integrals

Trig Substitution

Partial Fractions

Improper Integrals


Limits of Sequences

Sums of Sequences

Divergence Test

Ratio Test

Approximating Functions with Polynomials

Power Series

Taylor Series

Calculus and Taylor Series

Parametric Equations

Polar Coordinates

Calculus in Polar Coordinates


Dot Products

Cross Products

Lines and Curves in Space


Youtube Playlist of additional videos for Calculus of Vector Valued Functions through Functions in Several Variables


Lessons aligned with Briggs: Calculus For Scientists and Engineers (OSU Edition):

OSU has recently switched textbooks for Calculus 1.  Here are the versions  that aligned with our previous textbook.

Lesson 1: Regions Between Curves (Briggs 6.2)

Lesson 2: Volume by Slicing (Briggs 6.3)

Lesson 3: Volume by Shells (Briggs 6.4)

Lesson 4: Length of Curves (Briggs 6.5)

Lesson 5: Physical Applications (Briggs 6.7)

Lesson 6: Basic Approaches to Integration (Briggs 7.1)

Lesson 7: Integration by Parts (Briggs 7.2)

Lesson 8: Trigonometric Integrals (Briggs 7.3)

Lesson 9: Trigonometric Substitution (Briggs 7.4)

Lesson 10: Partial Fractions (Briggs 7.5)

Lesson 11: Improper Integrals (Briggs 7.8)

Lesson 12: Overview of Sequences and Series (Briggs 9.1)

Lesson 13: Sequences (Briggs 9.2)

Lesson 14: Series (Briggs 9.3)

Lesson 15: Divergence Test (subset of Briggs 9.4)

Lesson 16: Ratio Test (subset of Briggs 9.5)

Lesson 17: Approximating Polynomials (Briggs 10.1)

Lesson 18: Power Series (Briggs 10.2 without endpoints)

Lesson 19: Taylor Series (Briggs 10.3)

Lesson 20: Working with Taylor Series (Briggs 10.4)

Lesson 21: Parametric Equations (Briggs 11.1)

Lesson 22: Polar Equations (Briggs 11.2)

Lesson 23: Calculus in Polar Coordinates (Briggs 11.3)

Review of Conics (Part of Briggs 11.4)

Lesson 24: Vectors in the Plane (Briggs 12.1)

Lesson 25: Vectors in Three Dimensions (Briggs 12.2)

Lesson 26: Dot Products (Briggs 12.3)

Lesson 27: Cross Products (Briggs 12.4)

Lesson 28: Lines and Curves in Space (Briggs 12.5)


Youtube Playlist of additional videos for Sections 12.5-13.1

**We made lessons for the online Math 1152: Calculus II class.  When the sections are the same for Math 1172, we will put up the lessons on this website as well.  For chapters 9 and 10, we have posted versions of the Math 1152 lessons that are limited to the content in Math 1172.  Math 1152 covers these topics in more detail.  You may benefit from the online lessons on the Math 1152 webpage, but they will contain more information than you are required to learn for Math 1172.  For more details about what is required for chapters 9 and 10, see this handout.**