MSLC Free Tutoring

Math and Stat Tutoring

Tutoring begins during the second week of the term and concludes at the end of finals week.  Refer to the individual course pages for hours of operation and location of tutor room.

Tutoring is free for students enrolled in supported math and stats courses, and no appointment is needed! The Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center tutor rooms are located in Cockins Hall (CH), and the Mathematics Building (MA)

What you can Expect

  • Each math and stat course that we serve has a specific room that students go to for learning support. (To find your room, click here.)
  • Each room contains several tables and chairs for you to spread out your materials and work on your homework.
  • You do not need to make an appointment, and all of our services are FREE!
  • Undergraduate math tutors and graduate teaching assistants are available within each room to provide learning assistance. Just have a seat, and raise your hand if you need help.
  • You will also find many of your student peers in the room.
  • We provide computers for most of the courses with online homework.
  • You are encouraged to work with students around you, or to ask questions of the tutors if you need help.

What you Cannot Expect

  • We cannot work your problems for you.
  • We cannot serve as a substitute for your lecture or recitation.
  • We cannot offer one-on-one tutoring for your entire visit. The tutors will help all students in the room, and answer questions as needed.
  • We cannot guarantee help for everyone who comes in on exam day, or the day an assignment is due. Come in before that time for maximum attention.
  • Mathematics and Statistics take time to learn, and success requires a study routine- the MSLC is a great place to accomplish this!

Frequently Asked Questions