External Weblinks

These are links to various math websites we think you will find useful.

  • OSU Library Math Resources:  Math resources put together by the OSU library
  • Math TV: This is a collection of 3-5 minutes video lectures on almost every computational topic from basic math through calculus.
  • Khan Academy: Online videos explaining many academic subjects (including math and statistics) in short videos
  • Wolfram Alpha: An online search engine that includes information about mathematics and statistics and solves problems as well.  Warning: Be careful not be become dependent on this site.  You won't have it for your exams!
  • Wolfram Demonstrations Project:  Interactive mathematica applets which allow users to dynamically explore concepts.  At this time, you must download the free mathematica player or have mathematica (also free to all OSU students and instructors) installed to view the applets.
  •  Hot Math: Online interactive movies for the TI-84