Getting Help at OSU

Course Instructor/Teaching Assistant (TA)

Students should feel free to visit with both their instructor and their TA before or after class, during their posted office hours, or by appointment.


Identify someone in your class with whom you can work. Meet them at the MSLC and if you both get stuck you can get help from a tutor.

Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center

We offer free math tutoring for select courses. The MSLC is a great place to go to develop a good study routine, and to get your homework done, before you go home to relax at the end of the day.

Math Advisors

The Department of Mathematics maintains an advising office in room 250 of the old Mathematics Bldg, 231 W. 18th Avenue. The Advisors are available for assistance in the following areas:

  • Evaluation of transfer credit
  • Arrangements for proficiency exams
  • Special course enrollment information
  • Information on math placement and testing
  • Information on the requirements for the various programs in math
  • Other math-related questions
  • Difficulties in math courses

Office of Disability Services

Learn the processes for getting registered with Disability Services to receive accommodations.

Walter E. Dennis Learning Center

The purpose of the Walter E. Dennis Learning Center is to provide academic learning services to OSU students. Learning assistance covers general areas such as study skills, time management, test-taking strategies, learning from your textbook, note-taking, and self-regulation strategies (procrastination). 

Private Tutors for Hire

If you desire intensive, one-on-one assistance structured around your schedule, you may want to try hiring a private tutor.