Zoom Study Group Tutoring

Spring 2022, 55-minute Zoom Study Group Tutoring. 


In order to help students prepare for exams, the MSLC offers 55 minute Zoom Study Group Tutoring sessions the day before and day of exams.  Zoom Study Group Tutoring is designed to allow you to find classmates you can study with, and to allow MSLC tutors to help more students prepare for exams.   

During Zoom Study Group Tutoring, you will be placed into a breakout room with a group of 3-5 peers to study together by working through a review sheet.  If your group needs assistance, there will be tutors available to ask for help.  Please note, there will be 3 groups per tutor so the tutor will not be able to work with your group the entire time.  You should try to work together as a group to answer questions before asking for help from a tutor.

Courses: Math 1130, 1131, 1148, 1149, 1151

Study Group Tutoring can be paired with drop-in tutoring for additional support.

How to schedule

You need to sign up 24 hours in advance: Step-by-step instructions on scheduling study group


Our expectations are created with the learner in mind.  Communicating mathermatics with others is one of the most powerful means of learning mathematics.  In addition, during these isolating times, it is beneficial to form connections with other students in your course.  Learning and being successful in math requires more than memorization of formulas and procedures.  Learning math requires each student to reason through and make sense of why procedures work and the concepts behind them.  It requires students to make connections across mathematical topics and between algebraic notation and graphs.  To create an environment which supports these goals, we have the following expecations of you, as well as expectations for your interactions with the tutor.

  • Study Group Tutoring should be used as a supplement to your exam studying.  To do well on exams, you will need to spend additional time studying.
  • We prefer you join the Zoom meeting with both your iPad to screenshare your written work, as well as a laptop or phone for video.  Visually seeing your classmates and each other's facial expressions will help you connect wtih your classmates.  Non-verbal communication, such as facial expressions are important for communication. You can use a virtual background if that would make you more comfortable. 
  • Try to minimize distractions during your study session.  We prefer you keep your phone on silent and refrain from eating.  Animals are welcome to make an appearance, but do your best to not let them be a distraction from the learning of you and your peers.
  • You've already had a chance to see problems solved for you in classtime.  Study group tutoring is time for you to work through the mathematics with your peers.  Be an active participant.
  • It is important that each student is able to communicate their mathematical thinking.  Take turns being the person writing on the screen.  Check in with your groupmates and give all groupmates a chance to express their thinking and understanding. 
  • If your group has tried to solve a problem together but is stuck, ask the tutor for help.  The tutor will help the group move forward by posing questions or using examples/graphs to nudge your group forward.
  • Please be respectful of the tutor's time as well as others in the study group.  Be on time.  If you need to cancel, do so at least 24 hours in advance.  After a third cancellation or no-show during the semester, you will no longer be able to schedule for study groups.


Please read our technology instructions on using Zoom screensharing, whiteboard, and annotating before your first tutoring session: Zoom Instructions