MyMathLab Support - Calculus eBook or Interactive Figures Won't Open

Are you taking a Calculus course using the Briggs Calculus book?  Are you unable to see the figures in the etext or the figures in the homework problems (do some of the pictures in your homework assignments not open?) 


You must download and install the Wolfram CDF Player in order to see the figures in the ebook and the homework assignments.


  • Click on the Browser Check.
  • The Browser check will update your Adobe if necessary and allow you to download the Wolfram software.
  • The biggest problems with the Wolfram software not working are:
    • students not using Firefox
    • security settings preventing download (see Mac)
    • downloading the player but not installing it (you need to find where it downloaded and run the installation wizard).
  • If none of the above work, try restarting the computer after you download the Wolfram player