MyMathLab Support - Browser Issues

Step 1:  Be sure to run the Browser Check each time you use MyMathLab on a different computer.

  • Open you Carmen course.  
  • Click on MyLabs and Mastering on the left menu.
  • Click on the button that says "Open MyLabs and Mastering"
  • Click on the Browser Check inside MyLabs and Mastering.
  • Anything in red may not be correctly installed or updated on your machine. Click "Check Version" and follow the prompts to fix any issues.

Step 2:   Try using Mozilla Firefox.  To download, visit  This is a free download. A common mistake that is made here is that Firefox gets downloaded but not installed.

Step 3:  Be sure you have allowed pop-ups and cookies on your browser for MyMathLab to run correctly.  See Browser-Settings.

Step 4:  If you are using a Mac, please see MyMathLab-MyStatLab-Application-Blocked-Error