MyMathLab Support - Cannot Log In

You may not be able to log in to MyMathLab for several reasons. 

1.  In general:

It is possible that MyMathLab or Carmen is having technical difficulties.  Please check the MyMathLab Status and the Carmen Status to see if there is a systemwide issue.  

If there is not a systemwide issue:

  • If you cannot get into Carmen or your Carmen course, contact 
  • If you are in your Carmen course but receive an error when you click on a MyLabs and Mastering Link, please contact
  • At the beginning of Autumn and Spring semesters, come to MyMathLab Office Hours.
  • If nothing else works, email with your Pearson case number.


2.  If Carmen is not working correctly:

You can still access MyMathLab through, which is the Pearson portal through which you can access your MyMathLab course.  This page does not accept your OSU credentials.  You set a username and password for this website the first time you used a MyLabs and Mastering course.  If you forget your username and password, click Forgot User Name or Password.