Calculus for College Credit Plus Students

The OSU Math department now offers hybrid and distance versions of Calculus I (Math 1151) and Calculus II (Math 1152) through our Flipped and Flexible Calculus Program.  These courses are available for College Credit Plus Students to complete entirely from their High School.  

Who is eligible for this program?  How do students enroll?

High school students who what been admitted to the OSU Academy and who also meet the OSU Math Department requirements for enrolling in Math 1151: Calculus I or Math 1152: Calculus 2 may enroll in these courses through College Credit Plus.

Do students get college credit?

Yes, students are awarded Ohio State credit for Math 1151 or Math 1152 upon successful completion of the course. This credit is widely transferable, including transferring to all Ohio public colleges and universities.

What does a high school have to provide for students to take this course?


How to enroll


For more information, please contact Elizabeth Miller.