About Flipped and Flexible Calculus

Due to all courses moving online/hbrid, there are currently no Flipped and Flexible Calculus offerings. 

The Ohio State Math Department will offer a Flipped and Flexible Calculus class for Calculus 1: Math 1151 and Calculus 2: Math 1152 each semester.  (These courses are part of the State of Ohio Transfer Assurance Guides (TAG) Program, which means that these credits are automatically accepted for Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 in all Ohio public colleges and universities and will be highly likely to transfer to any college or university.)

This Flipped and Flexible Calculus class will be modeled after the flipped classroom approach.  This means that students will watch videos and do activities online before attending class to prepare for the days class.  Then, during class time, students will actively work on math problems, engage in discussions, and work in groups.

Students in the hybrid sections of the course have in person recitation classes. Students who are unable to attend in person (such as working off campus, being on a regional campus, being at a high school, or being a distance student) should enroll in the online recitation sections.  Online students will attend the same recitations at the same times as in-person students, but will join in through an online web-conferencing tool called CarmenConnect. 

Exams (3 midterms, 1 final) will be in-person and proctored. Students in hybrid sections must take exams on the OSU main campus.  Online students may take common evening exams at Ohio State or proctored exams at their local high school or other local test proctoring site. Ohio State regional campus students may make arrangements with their regional math learning centers to take the exams there. Other distance students may take exams at approved testing centers such as local community colleges; students are responsible for all fees associated with such testing centers.

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For more information, please contact Elizabeth Miller.