How to Enroll in Online Calculus

How to enroll in Online Calculus if you are not a traditional OSU Student.

  1. Apply

    • High school students who are interested in taking this course must apply and be accepted to Ohio State's post-secondary institution, the OSU Academy.
      • OSU Academy application deadlines are as follows:
        • Intent to participate in Post-Secondary classes: return form to your HS by March 1
        • Autumn semester (begins in August): apply by May 1
        • Spring semester (begins in January): apply by November 1
    • Other Non-OSU students such as students who would like to transfer credit back to their home institution should apply at OSU Extended Education
  2. Enroll

    • Contact the OSU Math Advising Office to have your course prerequisites checked and for assistance enrolling in the course.
    • Check Upcoming Online Math Courses or the OSU Schedule of Classes to see the most recent offerings of this course.  (In the OSU Schedule of Classes, under subject, choose Mathematics.  Under "Additional Search Criteria", go to "Mode of Instruction" and choose "Distance Learning", "Distance Enhanced", or "Hybrid Delivery" to find online and Flipped and Flexible classes.)
    • There must be open seats in the course to enroll.  Students who have been admitted to the OSU Academy or OSU Extended Education, are hoping to take this course from a distance, and know which sections they would like to attend are encouraged to contact as soon as they are admitted with this information.
  3. Attend

    • Students will work on online activities on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to prepare them for class sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. 
    • Class sessions will be held in person at Ohio State and will also be held in Ohio State’s online webinar tool.
    • High school students and Distance Students will be able to hear the Ohio State instructor, see what the instructor is writing or showing, and communicate back to the instructor via chatbox or using a microphone. High school students will be expected to show their work on class problems through writing/typing on the computer screen or taking photos of their work and uploading them in Carmen Connect.
    • Class dates will follow the Ohio State calendar.
    • Students may be required to take in-person exams for Calculus 1 and Calculus 2. These exams may be administered at their local high school or at another approved location such as a local university, community college, or testing center.  A list of preapproved testing centers is available at