Technology Necessary for Online Courses

Carmen - OSU's Learning Management System
CarmenZoom- Zoom for OSU, an webinar tool
Ximera - OSU's free, open-source, online textbook and homework system
Online Activities - Custom made online lecture replacement activities

Software and Hardware Students will need to take this course

All students will need access to the following technologies to take this course:
  • Computer
  • Access to high-speed internet
  • Internet access to all the online course components
    • Firewall settings may have to be configured to allow this access in some cases, especially in high schools
  • Free plug-ins required to run Zoom (download here)
  • For students attending recitation online:
    • Internet-enabled computer (preferably a wired internet connection, not wireless)
    • Headphones to listen to class
    • A microphone to speak in class
    • A way to write on your screen
While a mouse can be used to write, it is HIGHLY recommended that students have access to a touchscreen or a graphic tablet. This could be a tablet computer, iPad, Android tablet, or a Smart Board at their high school. If you do not already have one of these options, you can buy a graphic tablet to attach to your computer relatively inexpensively.