Room Reservations

The MSLC has various rooms which can be reserved by OSU Mathematics or Statistics Department members.  We have provided a full listing of our rooms with descriptions for use. We also have a map of our rooms.  Please see our Room Usage and Reservation Policy below before requesting to use a space by emailing


MSLC Room Usage and Reservation Policy


  1. Reservation Eligibility
    1. Rooms marked as available for reservation can be reserved by any individual in the Mathematics or Statistics Department.
    2. Rooms cannot be reserved as a permanent location for a course or regular meetings unless special permission is granted by the MSLC Director.
    3. MSLC has first priority on reservation of space.
    4. Rooms cannot be used for private tutoring in which money is exchanged for services.
    5. Rooms are reserved on a first come, first serve basis, and must be reserved 24 hours in advance.
  2. Room Conduct
    1. All occupants must clean up after themselves, including putting furniture back the way it was found, picking up trash, cleaning off tables, and erasing chalkboards.  Pizza boxes and over-flow trash should be placed in available hallway trash bins or outside the room.
  3. Specialized Rooms (CH 015, CH 042, CH 129)
    1. To use a specialized room permission must be granted from the Director, Assistant Director, or Learning Technology Specialists.  The individual must demonstrate a need for the specialization of the room in order to be granted permission for use.
    2. The MSLC cannot provide technology support for users.  If given advanced notice, we can provide basic instructions for use of equipment (i.e. computers).
    3. The technology is available on an as-is basis.  Software and hardware cannot be added.  The MSLC technology is supported by Math IT Support.
    4. We ask that all users discourage students or others in the room from drinking beverages and eating near technology. (i.e. computers)
  4. Testing Room
    1. The 24-hour advanced for reservation of space also applies to the testing room
    2. The MSLC does not proctor test.  We only provide the physical space.  The instructor is responsible for administering the exam.
    3. The testing room can hold 5 testing students at a time.
  5. How to reserve space:
    1. Please contact the MSLC at