Elizabeth Miller

Senior Math Instructional Design Technician
Elizabeth Miller has been a member of the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center administrative staff since 2007.

Elizabeth's main responsibilities are to develop, plan, and lead Calculus workshops and reviews and to incorporate technology in teaching and learning. She is also available to work with TAs and other parts of the mathematics and statistics departments to enhance their teaching of undergraduate mathematics and statistics, especially in regards to incorporating learning technologies.  Elizabeth is also the department MyMathLab/MyLabsPlus administrator and a Departmental Carmen Affiliates (which means she is the person to contact if you are having trouble with MyMathLab or Carmen in the OSU Math Department).

Elizabeth also serves on the Math Department eLearning Committee, and on the Math Department 2013 Impact Grant Committee to develop Hybrid-Flexible math courses.  Elizabeth was also the lead of the math department 2010 Impact Grant which developed Technology Enhanced Calculus Lectures.


Areas of Expertise
  • Calculus
  • Workshops and Exam Reviews
  • Learning Technology
  • Online Teaching
  • Bachelors in Mathematics
  • Masters in Mathematics
  • Graduate-level Specialization in College Teaching
  • Ph.D.-level coursework in Mathematics Education

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(614) 688-3456
Cockins Hall 148C