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Calculus 2 Workshops

Interactive practice materials for Math 1152 and 1172

These interactive video materials summarize and synthesize some of the most difficult or most important concepts in your course.  As you go through the workshop keep a look out for buttons which will lead you to more information.  You can go through the whole workshop or jump straight to the part you are having difficulty with.

If you have a disability and experience difficulty accessing these online workshops, please contact us for assistance via email at mslc@math.osu.edu.

Need help integrating?  This online workshop gives overviews and examples for the following integration techniques:

  • Algebraic Manipulation

  • U-Substitution

  • Integration by Parts

  • Trig Integrals

  • Trig Substitution

  • Partial Fractions


This workshop will help you understand Taylor Series.  We will begin by approximating functions with polynomials.   By making these polynomials infinitely long, we get Taylor Series.  We will also discuss determining intervals of convergence for Taylor Series (i.e. for what values of x can you use the Taylor Series).  Taylor Series are extremely useful in many applied areas of Mathematics and in Engineering in particular.



This workshop will help you understand vector-valued functions in three space parameterized by a single parameter t.  This workshop will review regular parametric equations.  Then it will help you understand vectors and their properties.  Finally, it will discuss functions of vectors, including limits, continuity, derivatives, and integrals of such functions.


This workshop will use technology to help you visualize planes, cylinders, quadratic surfaces, and functions of two variables in 3-D space.  The workshop will also help you compute equations of planes, intersections of planes, traces, and level curves.